About my blog

This is my personal blog. It details my thoughts, actions and stories. My impressions of things that I have seen and experienced. 

This blog started before I ever was in Korea as a challenge for me when I turned 29. Initially, it was a way to commemorate the last year of my 20s. Since then it has developed into an expat blog. I believe that this blog will twist again whenever I move on from Korea, hopefully to capture other expat, teaching and life experiences. 

Although I am a teacher first, this blog surprisingly doesn't contain many anecdotes from the classroom. It's not that great things don't happen everyday but more if I tried to capture them all I'd spend more time writing than I do teaching! 

All posts from January 2014 can be found on this site. For older posts, please click here.

If you'd like to find out about my life in Korea and travels to other countries, please read here.