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After my last post, I promise I didn't forget about you, dear blog (and readers!)! I was in camp that week at my second school and after camp, I went home early meaning I was usually at home by around 1 or a little later. Well, despite whether I was home at 1 or 3pm, each day mostly had one thing in common: I passed out for about 3 hours each day when I got home. When I'd wake up, I'd either make dinner or go out to eat, and watch TV for about an hour and then go back to bed. Hence why nothing was written - it wasn't the most exciting of 2 weeks!

However, there are a few things to note: 

On the 25th July, I got out of school early and so I was walking home around 3.45pm. I had been constantly vigilant until my bus had passed the last stop where another foreigner teachers would get on the bus. By the time the bus arrived in Jochiwon, I decided that my constant looking over of my shoulder could be abandoned as no one else would be off so early. I, ever so slowly, lifted my feet and began a gruellingly slow march home. Up the steps and over the bridge. Half way across the bridge, I heard feet running but I couldn't muster up the energy to look around, and besides, it wouldn't be anyone that I knew. And then, someone touched my back. I stopped appalled as one of my fellow assassins thundered past. I was dead. With my dying breath, I passed on the name of my target and lamented the fact that I had ignored my own advice! However, that evening was an epic one in terms of assassin deaths - I think 4 of us were killed in that one evening. 

Some other highlights of those two weeks include cooking experiments with Katetastic on the 1st of August and going to see Guardians of the Galaxy with my friend Ashley. After that I was on vacation until last the 21st August so I am going to update from then until this past Thursday:

Thursday, August 21st:

Took a small walk from downtown to Homeplus as I'd gotten the wrong bus for Homeplus. I then went out later that evening for another walk. When I got home I cooked and finished the Kathy Reichs I was reading. Thursday = Success

Friday, August 22nd: 

Ok, this day is a blur. I feel like I did something - oh wait, I know! After work, I made dinner, watched TV for a while. After some time I gave out to myself for forgetting my goal and joined my friends who were drinking at the convenience store. At some point we then drifted over to the park. Friday = Success and Failure!

Monday, August 25th

When I got home from work, I made dinner and then watched TV. I met my friends Jules and Annette at 7.15 and we went on a 2+mile walk. Friday = Success and Failure. 

Tuesday, August 26th

I got home around 6.15, changed clothes and met Jules again for one last walk as it was her last day in Jochiwon as she leaves Korea at the end of the week. After our 2+ mile walk we went to dinner at the Moksal tent and then for Oreo bingsu. I didn't get home until 9.30 when I started doing dishes while I watched TV. Tuesday = Success. 

Wednesday, August 27th.

Ugh. After work, I stopped at the Coffee Bay which is a newish coffee-shop downtown that I'd been wanting to stop in at for a while. I got a red velvet latte and chocolate honey bread, neither of which impressed me. What did impress me was a pop up book about Star Wars! It was great! When I got home I was really tired and just laid around watching tv. I eventually fell asleep (luckily set an alarm for around 7.30) and when I woke up I tested the recipe that I on my other blog. Wednesday = Success and Failure

Thursday, August 28th

When I got home I went for a 2 mile walk and then went to my friend BexC's house for a little while where she gave me gifts from Nebraska: A keyring and a postcard <3. I then went home and prepared the recipe from the day before to fine tune it. BexC then came over and we munched and chatted and watched TV. Thursday = Success.

So you might think I'm mad to think I did a good job this week. Why? Well, while this wasn't a great week, it did work out really well as it was a nice way to ease me back into my goal. I got lots of exercise and I only hope that next week works out as well! 

This post was inspired by the Corr's song, Radio, and my ongoing struggle to occupy my mind with more than just TV.