Current posts


I have so  much to write about but not much energy to do so. My life has changed dramatically in the last couple of months and while I still want to update this blog, having the energy to do so has been put on the long finger.

To begin: I no longer live in Korea. I was supposed to leave in June but was extended until August. I ended up finishing 2 weeks early to leave for Ireland. My sister was unfortunately killed in a car accident in Liberia. 

I have plans, I have things I need to update about - even if it's only for me. But writing right now when grief still comes in huge waves is too hard. I'll come back to this eventually but in the meantime, check out my cooking blog Spoon in a Saucepan . Here you can find recipes and small updates about my life. 

I am working on a few Teaching Tips articles but I'll get back to that at a later date.