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Tis a lesson you should heed: Try, try, try again. If at first you don't succeed, Try, try, try again

Do you remember, in January, I listed all the things I want to do in 2015 (to see this list, click here)?I had three things I wanted to accomplish in January : 

  • Organise two dates for when I am on vacation and complete them.
  • Make bed everyday
  • Read more

So, how did I do?

Well, if you look at my reading list, here, you can see I already have read quite a bit. I haven't quite sorted out all the books that I WANT to read over the next year but at least I've started reading again. Why, did I want to read more? Well, the truth is I used to have a superpower. Wait, what? A superpower? Ummm, you are not Captain America, kiddo! Yes, I know, but nevertheless I did. I used to be this incredibly fast reader and thanks to that superpower I used to devour books. I easily read 2 books a day, and on weekends even more.  I could read an Agatha Christie in less than two hours!  I couldn't get enough of it. I also would remember everything I read. However, since moving  to Korea I've started watching a lot more TV and it took me a long time to notice but I lost my superpower. So, a warning to all the superheroes out there - if you don't practice with your superpower every day you lose it. This freaked me out and because I didn't know how to handle it, I retreated from books. Well, this year I am focusing on getting my superpower back. When I read now,  I need to fully commit. One of my favourite motivational blogs, Zenhabits, recently posted an article: The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books and, boy, has it ever changed my life. I haven't followed all the steps yet but using the closet has definitely come in handy as has only reading books I enjoy. I think this last is something I have been struggling with. Reading new books is good but if I am not interested in the subject matter, the genre, or the book itself doesn't draw me in, I tend to plug along until I finish it but it takes me months to do so. Well, no more.  Instead. I am going to close it and move on to something else. I am going to revert to reading more fantasy, more science fiction, more murder, mystery and mayhem with the occasional romantic comedy, classic, children's story thrown in, because you know what? They have been my first loves and consistently what I have been interested in for the last 32 years. Over the next few months, I am going to work on regaining my superpower and figuring out a book list based on what I WANT to read rather than what I THINK I should be reading. Does that mean I am going to quit book club? Not at all, I am just going to read more books that I know I am going to enjoy without any effort at all in addition to the ones from book club. And, if I don't like a book club book, I'm going to close it and move on. 

The last one I had to do was make my bed everyday. I will be honest, I didn't. In fact, when I came back from Seoul I was dismayed to realise my bed hadn't been made before I left. The state I left my apartment in will not be commented on but this failure bugged me out. So, it hasn't been a complete success but, overall, I would say that I have made my bed about 80% of the time, so it's not a complete loss.

As for my two dates, they happened and I will post about them separately. Once posted, I will provide a link on this page. So yea, for me!

What are my goals for February?

To continue trying to improve. To not let myself get overwhelmed with what I am struggling with especially my feelings of failure as that has become a dangerous slippery slope for me. I also decided to only add three things to my list each month. I know this might mean I don't accomplish everything on  my list but I've decided that I am okay with that. 

February 2015

  1. Make bed everyday. 
  2. Read more.
  3. Get up at 6.00 every day.
  4. Go for 10-15 minute walk (this is dependent on what school I am in) as soon as I wake up. 
  5. Take a Cooking Class in Laos ( I will be there for a week at the end of the month).

PS: In a departure from the norm, I have decided to not use a song lyric but rather a proverb as my post title. This post title is a quote from William Edward Hickson. 

PPS: Normally, I'd have posted this over the weekend but I am visiting my friend, Rucy, in Daegu so I won't be around!