Korea Blogs I follow

These are blogs I follow/read frequently that are based on the life of expat teachers in Korea.
Some are by friends of mine and some are by strangers. They are all worth the read!

Blogs that reference Sejong/Jochiwon

Kate loves Kimchi

The way I see it

Travel Thayer

Another Perspective

Lindsey in Sejong

Chasing Glitter



For all those who are working/coming to work in Sejong, there is a fledgling website that caters to the needs of expats in Sejong. Please visit Sejong Dish for FAQ, restaurant reviews, things to do in Sejong as well as many more interesting articles and blogs. This website is a work in progress, so please bear with us!

Other Korea blogs


Bobby's Awesome Life

What a Waygook

Life of a Waygook

First for Everything

Kimchi Bytes

Eat your Kimchi 

One Remarkable life

Additionally, there is a website called: Expat Blogs and it has blogs from all over the world. For those related to Korea, click here. I am a featured blogger on this site.