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Hello, My name is Maggie and I currently teach English in South Korea. I have been teaching and living in Sejong Si since June 2012. It is the new administrative capital in SK and rapidly expanding. I am an elementary public school teacher working in two schools.

One of my favourite pastimes is cooking and even before coming to Korea, I loved preparing dishes for my friends and family. Since coming to Korea, on average, I've cooked for my friends once a month since September 2012. A throwaway comment from a friend, one day after I cooked for her, got me thinking about a blog that is primarily based around food. 

The meals have ranged from Indian curries to Spaghetti Bolognese to traditional Irish fare like Colcannon. Due to the limited range of vegetables that I am used to cooking with here in Korea, I've had several adventures, misadventures and surprises cooking here with substitutes. 

For example, turnip and parsnips are essential parts of Irish cooking and neither are available in Korea. Instead, I've had to substitute kohlrabi and Korean radish. Not only is the flavour different but so are the texture and cooking times. 

Other than cooking I love to travel and one of my desires is to visit each continent except for Antarctica. So far, I've lived in America (USA), Europe (Ireland) and now Asia. I've also visited at least 2 countries on each continent that I have lived.